Stacey de Maldonado

Stacey Sullivan de Maldonado is an artist/illustrator, best known as the creator of ‘Los Muertos Fine Art Works,’ living and working in Santa Fe, NM, USA.

Stacey Sullivan was born on December 17th, 1981, and raised in the small county of St. Anns, Ontario, Canada. At 17 years of age, she moved to the city of Oakville, Ontario, just outside of Toronto, where she attended Sheridan College, She completed a 1-year Art Fundamentals course, followed by a 3-year Illustration degree.

The Art work

Santa Fe, NM, where Stacey lives, and works now, sprang into the picture during the tail end of her graduate year when she was welcomed to travel there to intern with a resident, illustrator/artist, Joel Nakamura. Two weeks into her four-week internship Stacey also met John Maldonado, a native Santa Fean, metal worker, and pilot, and the two instantly became inseparable. Stacey realized then and there that Santa Fe was where she was being called to launch her art career and her life.