Pop Lazarus

In 2011, Pop Lazarus got his start painting portraits of David Bowie, Tiny Tim, and other musical icons of the 60s and 70s against backdrops of patterned and floral wallpapers. He was living in Denver as lead guitarist in a psych rock band, and felt that by painting portraits of the musicians he loved most, he was able to tap deeper into their worlds. The artist had shows at galleries, bars, and hair salons. In 2021, he met thr33som3s—one of the top NFT artists on the Tezos blockchain—and decided he, too, would make NFTs. Thus, Pop Lazarus was born.

The Artwork

The artist decided on his name since he is a dad (Pop), and because he wanted to bring his art career back from the dead (Lazarus). He enjoys being able to draw and make art in Arizona, living out of his RV alongside Native American ruins and ghost towns in the desert.

As Pop Lazarus, he has released 38 NFTs on the Tezos blockchain, and currently has 118 collectors. His favorite project has been his Monster Boat Gang, with spoofs of Seinfeld characters as monsters with facial tattoos.