Joerael Numina

Born 1980 San Angelo, TX. Joerael is beautifully and fearlessly Joerael. His connectedness to the purity of his spirit allows him to shed filters, expectations, agendas, insecurities, and fears, and to see clearly into people and projects. He finds the truth of the moment by presenting himself to the universe as a conduit. And, regardless of what he sees across dimensions and time and feels in the body his spirit resides in now, he holds it all in his presence, many times fluidly blending mediums and genres until the vision is fully expressed.

The Art work

Joerael’s expressions often feel ceremonial. You might feel the truth and swell with emotion, but words may escape you. Or you might ride the lines in a mural like a child on a rollercoaster, feeling the first big drop in the pit of your stomach. Your spirit hangs out with Joerael’s for a few moments, and they connect, and you go forward with something you didn’t have before.