Gary Oakley

Like a fencer, Gary’s painting technique involves dancing, jiving, and jibing, with lots of physical energy. Toss in some diverse textures, unorthodox painting tools and carefully nuanced colors and voila!, you have what his collectors describe as: fresh, deep, peaceful, energetic, spiritual and magical. Gary distills the rich hues of the Southwest landscape onto canvas, highlighting them with texture and an occasional pop of metallic paint to create his radiant multi-media pieces.

The Art work

Inspired by the colors of New Mexico, Gary’s work boils the energy of landscapes down to their essential elements. With many layers of paint, pigment, and media, his works hold remarkable depth. One of Gary’s “secrets” is listening to complicated music while creating his art, evoking a kinetic experience. As hokey as it sounds, Gary’s ultimate inspiration is to beautify the world and thus brighten peoples’ lives. A self-taught painter, Gary didn’t see seeing the light (literally and figuratively) until he moved to New Mexico to paint in 2007. Most of his accolades, therefore, come from his photography career, which took him around the world shooting over-the-top weddings. His images have appeared in The New York Times, Vogue, Town & Country, Conde Naste, and more.